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UP BOX+, 3D Printer

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  • HEPA filter to remove air-born contaminants
  • Filament Sensor – Automatically pauses when out of filament
  • Power Outage – Resume mid-print
  • Industrial design with internal steel chassis
  • Impressive HD 100 micron 3D print resolution
  • Fully automatic platform levelling and height sense
  • Improved 3D printing speed – 30% faster than an UP
  • Wifi Connectivity


UP Box+ 3D Printer Specifications

Build size 255 mm width, 205 mm depth, 205 mm height
Build platform Heated print bed with easy to remove platform
Smart Support Intelligent Smart Support material, printed in the same material, printed at a lower density and built automatically by the included 3D print software
Selectable layer resolution 0.1 mm (100 micron), 0.15 mm 0.2 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm - That's a ultra fine HD detail of 100 microns!
Filament Sensor

Automatically pauses when out of filament

Power Outage

Resume mid-print

Platform Levelling

Fully automatic levelling with integrated levelling probe  - no human interaction required

Platform Height

Fully automatic height sensor - no human interaction required

Average noise 51.7 dB - as quiet as your fridge
Air filtration Inbuilt HEPA filter - removes micro fine particles
Lighting Active heart beat mood lighting, provide visual feedback of the print status
Dimension 485 mm width, 520 mm depth, 495 mm height
Weight 20 kg
Shipping Weight 34kg volumetric 
Power input 220VAC, 50-60Hz, 220W
Connectivity WiFi or USB (Print job stored and spooled to Printer, ability to turn off computer during printing.)
Consumables 1.75mm ABS Plastic Filament and PLA which is ideal for lost wax or investment casting
Warranty 12 month return to base
Software UP Studio 3D printing software included free: Windows (7,8 &10) 32/64 bit, MAC & iPad
Unboxing time to print 15 minutes
Print volume/build size (X,Y,Z):
255 x 205 x 205 mm
Frame size (X,Y,Z):
485 x 520 x 495 mm
Accuracy (Theoretical positioning resolution):
X,Y axis 0.0125 mm, Z axis 0.001 mm
Resolution (Z-AXIS):
0.1 - 0.5mm
Print Speed:
40 mm/sec
Total Mass:
20 kg
Nozzle Diameter:
Nozzle flow velocity:
24 cc/t
Recommended nozzle temp (ABS):
230 degrees
Filament diameter:
1.75 - 1.8mm
Filament material:
UP Studio
OS support:
Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac and IPad
Print without PC:
Heated bed included:
Power consumption:
220V, 300W
Extruder heads included:
Supported Filetypes: