ScanMaster Plus 3D scanner

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ScanMaster Plus 3D scanner


Introducing the ScanMaster Plus desktop white light 3D Scanner, the easy to use, a high resolution, low cost 3D scanning systems adopts structured light technology. A true desktop Scan-to-Print solution where you can scan an entire object automatically within 3 minutes on an automatic turntable. Now capable of capturing full colour texture maps of your 3D objects. Ideal for the "prosumer", designers, animators, artists, engineers and professionals. Easy and safe to operate in the home and in schools.


The ScanMaster Plus 3D Scanner is a compact desktop scanning solution that is also easily transportable, weighing in a 2kg.


Structured Light 3D Scanning Technology eliminates many of laser scanners which equates to higher accuracy, higher details and less noise. The ScanMaster Software Automatically rotates the subject on a turntable and takes a sequence of 3D scans until a complete 3D model is generated. The turntable has completed a full 360 degree rotation and 3D Scanned the object automatically. The file is now ready to for 3D Printing. Scan to 3D print in under 3 minutes!


The ScanMaster Plus 3D scanner features two scan modes, automatic scan and free scan. The automatic scan is aimed at small objects placed on the turntable, and a single click can create a printable 3D model automatically. The free scan mode is used for larger-sized objects, its scan area is up to 700 mm x 700 mm x 700mm.  The ScanMaster Plus can complete a scan with the accuracy of less than 0.1mm, much better than desktop laser scanners. One an object is scanned, it can be saved as an .STL file, ready for 3D Printing or importing into your favorite 3D CAD software. 

ScanMaster Plus Einscan-s Desktop White Light 3D Scanner

The ScanMaster Plus comes with a stand and turntable for automatic scan mode for objects 215 x 215 x 200mm in size. Optionally you can purchase a separate tripod for scanning larger objects up to 700 x 700 x 700mm in free scan mode. In free scan mode an inanimate object can be scanned by freely moving the 3D scanner around the object.


Simple to use software

The Einscan-S Software is quick and easy to use. A step by step guide takes you through the process. Choose the presents that best match your object colour and the level of detail required, and you are away.

Einscan-S Software 3hinning 3D Scanner

Connect your devices to your computer via USB 2.0

ScanMaster Plus Calibration Panel for 3d scanning

Once your ScanMaster is connected, place the provided calibration panel onto the turntable. This scanner will automatically rotate the turntable to various angles and take a sequence of image grabs of the panel. The software will prompt you and verify that the calibration was successful, and ready to start scanning.

Einscan-s 3d scanning software from Shinning 3d

Choose the scan mode- automatic turntable or free standing.

EinScan-S Software 3d scanning resolution

Select the right exposure and detail required.

Einscan-S Software 3d scanning

Start 3D Scanning your object and watch the software automatically align each 3D image.

This scan of a skull had considerable detail and hidden features so we placed the object on the turntable 4 times in difference orientations to ensure a complete water tight model was created. The Einscan-S 3D Scanning software automatically stitched the model together ready for 3D printing.

ScanMaster Plus 3D Scanning a Shoe

3D Scan of Shoe with Einscan-S 3D Scannner

3D Scan using the ScanMaster Einscan 3D Scanner

A scan of a child's shoe, 3D scanned with the Scanmaster Plus immortalised forever! Note the retained detail on the leather, stitch work and shoe laces!

A 3D printed replica of the shoe, printed in grey ABS on an Up Box 3D Printer. Note how well the leather texture and stitching translated into the 3d print. The actual print looks creepily looks more like a painted shoe rather than a 3D print!


Scan to Print

Scan to Print with the ScanMaster Plus 3D Scanner

Key Features

1. High Quality, High Resolution 3D Scans: Higher resolution than desktop laser scanners

2. Small and Large objects: 3D Scan in automatic and free scan mode for large objects.

3. Scan in Colour (New Feature!): Now you can Capture Full Colour Texture mapping.

4. Simple to Use: Click and shot, automatically 3D scans an object in minutes. The software automatically aligns the data from each scan and stitches the model together for you.

5. Fast: Did we already mention how fast it scans? It is 3-4 faster than any current consumer based desktop 3D scanner on the market.

6. Print Ready: The simple step by step software generates a watertight 3D model ready for 3D Printing without the need of editing in other software. Export as an .STL file and start printing!

7. Portable: Compact size and easy to carry (under 2 kg) , sits nicely on your desk to.

8. Dam Right Awesome: Finally, an affordable white light scanner. I have been waiting for the day, and it has finally come!