PETG Filament - 1kg

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Available in both 1.75 and 3mm diameters.

PET G (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol)

PET would be familiar to most of us as the plastic used for soft drink bottles and other food containers.  In it’s natural form it is transparent or opaque based on the crystalline structure in the plastic.   This crystalline structure is one of the interesting properties of PET.  See the graph below.

From the graph, you can see the point at which the material bill go from clear to cloudy.  The flow is also affected at this point.

The filament here however is PET G.  The G stands for Glycol and this is a glycol modified polymer created to overcome the crystallization and subsequent decrease in flow at that temperature.  The bed can be prepared with 3M blue tape and the material does not have major shrinkage problems, more than PLA but less than ABS.  The plastic is hygroscopic but very tough when dry.  Support material can be a bit harder to remove than ABS as it tends to adhere to itself very well.  PET sticks well to 3M blue tape also and does not require any other special preparation.

Softens at 75ᵒC (also known as the “glass transition” temperature)

Melts at 200ᵒC

It can be extruded at 230ᵒC

It should be extruded at 230-250ᵒC. Layer bonding is very good with this plastic.

Bed temperature should be 60 – 80ᵒC

Bed preparation can be done with 3M blue masking tape.

PET G is still hygroscopic so it needs to be stored along with your other filament in a container with sesiccant or other humidity control measures.