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Flashforge EXPLORER

Flashforge Explorer DLP 3D printer offers many advantages over consumer FDM/SLA 3D printers, working well for a wide variety of applications, such as jewellry, rapid prototyping and design.

Small build volume is featured for jewellers to save material. Explorer supports castable resins which can be used directly in the traditional lost-wax casting process.

The Explorer is giving researchers and designers the speed, detail, and capability to turn concepts and ideas to reality as creatively as they design.



Printing technology DLP Stereolithography  
XY resolution 0.05 mm
Layer thickness 0.05 mm
Build envelope 51.2 x 38.4 x 100 mm
Support material FE1200 (Castable resin), FE1100 (Standard resin)  
Weight 24 kg
Product dimension 500 x 310 x 780 mm
Software FlashDLPrint  
File type STL  
AC input 220 V, 50 Hz, 300 W  
Display port DVI  
Connectivity USB cable