HIPS Filament (Disolvable in Limonene) - 1kg

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HIPS filament is designed as a support material that disolves when dipped in Limonine. Limonine is a citrus based cleaning product. HIPS is available in both 1.75 and 3mm diameters.

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)

HIPS is very similar to ABS and is commonly used in toys and product casings such as CD boxes.  Unlike PLA and ABS, HIPS is non-hygroscopic.  HIPS is a very tough plastic and can be painted and glued, it is also recyclable.  HIPS is quite a useful plastic inasmuch as it can be used as the primary print or as a dissolvable support with ABS.  HIPS dissolves quickly in d-Limonene or orange oil. d-Limonene is much cheaper than pure orange oil.  HIPS has very similar requirements to ABS as far as  printer settings are concerned.

Softens at 85C (also known as the “glass transition” temperature)

Melts at 104C

It can be extruded at 180C

It needs to be extruded at 230-240C to bond properly to the previous layer.

Bed temperature should be around 80C

Bed preparation can be done with 3M blue masking tape or my recommendation ABS/acetone slurry.

HIPS is soluble in Limonene or orange oil.