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The FLASHFORGE Invetor II is the new 2017 release of the FLASHFORGE Finder, with new and improved features on the old model, including a larger build plate and enclosed printing space.


Operation is easy.

Finder sports a 3.5-inch HD IPS touchscreen right at the top of the printer with big, easy to understand controls. Only 4 taps to start your print, with no need to hook it up to your computer! The Invetor II also previews model files so that you know exactly what it is you are printing. Real-time printing status so that you know when it will be finished. Built-in multiple languages compatibility includes English, German, French, Dutch, Polski, Korean and Japanese.


Innovative Circle Air Supply Offer Fantastic Surface Quality

Inventor II supports PLA filament which requires quick cooling to achieve a smooth print effect. Innovative four-sided air supply is a major component in the design of the Inventor II, and allowsthe PLA to quickly cool to produce a smooth finish.


Smart Door Offers Double Safe Guarantee

The Inventor II improves upon the Finder by adding a front door and top cover, as well as closing off the sides. The fully enclosed design ensures your prints are kept safe for the duration and makes sure the print is kept at a stable temperature. If the door is opened during the printing process, the printer will alert you to make sure it is closed for as much of the print as possible.


an increased build volume and an auto-pause and restart function.




Print volume/build size (X,Y,Z):
150 x 140 x 140mm
Frame size (X,Y,Z):
420 x 420 x 420mm
Accuracy (Theoretical positioning resolution):
X,Y axis 0.011 mm, Z axis 0.0025 mm
Resolution (Z-AXIS):
0.05 - 0.4 mm
Print Speed:
40 mm/sec
Nozzle Diameter:
Nozzle flow velocity:
24 cc/t
Recommended nozzle temp (ABS):
230 degrees
Filament diameter:
1.75 - 1.8mm
OS support:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Print without PC:
Heated bed included:
Power consumption:
220V, 350W
Extruder heads included:
Supported Filetypes: